Categorize your assets with HouseHood

Categorize your assets with HouseHood

Are you one of those people who prefer to categorize everything to manage them easily in the future? 

We, as human beings, try to categorize everything we encounter with nurture, our brains process data and classify them for further use. 

But when it comes to our belongings, we can act differently. Managing receipts, warranties, insurance, and assets overall can get confusing. 

Receipts are tricky to manage; imagine that your digital camera has an issue, and you have to give your receipts to the company to use the warranty. 

You should go through piles of the receipts accumulated in a jar or a drawer; the situation seems stressful, and finding the correct receipt is time-consuming. 

HouseHood is a receipt organizer app that allows you to easily store all of your receipts into customized categories.  

You can add hundreds and hundreds of receipts on the HouseHood app, and when you need them, you can effortlessly search and find the specific receipt. But customizing can give you more power over your assets. 

Lets start, and create our first customized category:

  • Open the HouseHood app, then select Categories
  • On the right corner, choose New Category
  • pick the name that matches your category
  • go through icons, and select the one you prefer, then tap on Done

 instruction to create categories on the HouseHood app

The category is ready to use,

Now you can add each asset to its customized category:

  • Select the asset that you want to add to the category and, on the right corner, choose Edit
  •  In the middle of the screen, tap on Category
  •  Choose the category which matches the asset the most
  • tap on Save at the end of the page
instruction to add assets to categories on the HouseHood app

All Done! 

Now you have a customized category.

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