Do I need travel insurance for Europe in 2024?

Do I need travel insurance for Europe?

You don't have to get travel insurance when you visit Europe, but it can be a wise decision to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances. Navigating through Europe  can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges.

For instance, while traveling between European countries is often convenient, delays can occur due to various reasons such as weather conditions, transportation strikes, or unexpected maintenance issues. Having travel insurance can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you're covered for any financial losses incurred due to trip cancellations, interruptions, or delays.

Moreover, Europe's rich cultural heritage and bustling city streets attract millions of tourists each year. Unfortunately, crowded tourist spots also increase the risk of accidents or theft. Travel insurance can offer protection against theft, loss, or damage to your belongings, ensuring that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about potential financial setbacks.

What type of travel insurance should I get for Europe?

When planning your trip to Europe, it's essential to choose a travel insurance plan that suits your specific needs and preferences. A comprehensive travel insurance policy typically covers a range of scenarios, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, interruptions, and baggage loss.

Medical coverage is particularly crucial when traveling abroad, as healthcare systems and costs can vary significantly from one country to another. While some European countries offer excellent healthcare services, others may have limited facilities, especially in remote areas. Having adequate medical coverage ensures that you can receive prompt medical attention without worrying about exorbitant expenses.

Additionally, if you're planning to participate in adventure activities such as skiing, hiking, or water sports during your European adventure, consider purchasing specialized coverage for adventure sports. Standard travel insurance policies may not automatically cover injuries sustained during high-risk activities, so it's essential to review your policy and add-on coverage options accordingly.

Furthermore, if you're traveling to Europe for an extended period or multiple trips throughout the year, you may benefit from an annual travel insurance policy. This type of coverage provides continuous protection for a specified duration, offering convenience and potential cost savings compared to purchasing individual policies for each trip.

How much does European travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance for Europe can vary depending on several factors, including your age, destination, trip duration, coverage limits, and any pre-existing medical conditions. Generally, the cost of travel insurance is calculated as a percentage of your total trip expenses.

In addition to the base premium, optional add-ons such as cancel for any reason (CFAR) insurance or coverage for adventure sports may incur additional costs. It's essential to carefully review the policy terms, coverage limits, and exclusions to ensure that you're adequately protected for your specific travel needs.

Be sure to disclose any relevant information, such as pre-existing medical conditions or planned activities, to receive a comprehensive quote tailored to your individual circumstances.

How do I get travel insurance for Europe?

Getting travel insurance for your European adventure is a straightforward process that can be completed online or through various insurance providers. Before purchasing a policy, take the time to assess your coverage needs based on factors such as trip duration, destination, planned activities, and existing insurance coverage.

Start by researching reputable insurance companies that offer travel insurance policies tailored to European travel. Many insurers provide online platforms where you can obtain quotes, compare coverage options, and purchase policies directly from their websites.

When requesting a quote, be sure to provide accurate information about your trip, including travel dates, destinations, and the number of travelers. Additionally, consider any optional coverage enhancements or add-ons that may be relevant to your travel plans, such as CFAR insurance, adventure sports coverage, or rental car protection.

Once you've selected a suitable travel insurance policy, carefully review the policy documentation, including the terms and conditions, coverage limits, exclusions, and claims procedures. Ensure that you understand the scope of coverage provided and any obligations or requirements for filing a claim in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance.

Here are three of the best travel insurances:

Allianz Travel Insurance »

You have the option to get cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage and coverage for preexisting medical conditions if needed.

Children aged 17 and under are covered at no additional cost.

The medical expense coverage provided may be lower compared to some other insurance providers.

Allianz Travel Insurance offers various plans suitable for travel to Europe. Among these, the OneTrip Prime plan stands out for its comprehensive coverage options, including additional protections that many travelers find useful. Families may particularly appreciate that children under 17 are covered for free when accompanied by a parent or grandparent, making Allianz a favorable choice for family trips.

Key features of the OneTrip Prime plan from Allianz include:
- $100,000 coverage per traveler for trip cancellation
- $150,000 coverage per traveler for trip interruptions
- $500 coverage for eligible trip changes
- $50,000 emergency medical coverage
- $500,000 emergency medical transportation coverage
- $1,000 for baggage loss or damage
- $300 coverage for baggage delays of 12 hours or more
- $800 protection for travel delays (with a daily limit of $200)
- $100 per insured person per day in SmartBenefits coverage for eligible delays
- 24-hour hotline assistance
- Concierge services

Optional coverages available with this plan include "Cancel Anytime" coverage, which reimburses 80% of nonrefundable costs for almost any reason you choose to cancel. Additionally, you can purchase rental car protection, "Required to Work" cancellation protection, and coverage for preexisting medical conditions. It's important to note that coverage for preexisting medical conditions is only available when you purchase travel insurance within 14 days of making an initial trip deposit.

Travelex Insurance Services »

You have the choice to include cancel for any reason (CFAR) and coverage for preexisting medical conditions if required.

Children aged 17 and under will be covered without any additional charges.

Several coverages may require an extra fee.

Travelex Insurance Services is another option for travelers seeking comprehensive coverage for their European trips, with the flexibility to add on various options. The Travel Select plan caters well to families looking to customize their coverage while paying only for the necessary travel insurance components.

This plan automatically covers children under 17 and is suitable for trips lasting up to 364 days. The Travel Select plan from Travelex includes the following protections:
- 100% coverage of trip cost for trip cancellation (up to $50,000)
- 150% coverage of trip cost for trip interruption (up to $75,000)
- $2,000 coverage for trip delays lasting five hours or more
- $750 coverage for missed connections
- $50,000 coverage for emergency medical expenses (includes a $500 dental sublimit)
- $500,000 coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
- $1,000 coverage for baggage and personal effects
- $200 coverage for baggage delays lasting 12 hours or more
- $200 coverage for sporting equipment delays lasting 24 hours or more
- $25,000 coverage for accidental death and dismemberment
- 24/7 travel assistance

Generali Global Assistance »

CFAR and coverage for preexisting medical conditions are available options.

The plan offers high coverage limits for medical expenses and evacuation, which can be essential during overseas trips.

It's important to note that CFAR coverage only reimburses at 60%.

Generali Global Assistance provides comprehensive coverage options for emergency medical care, particularly beneficial for journeys across the pond. Their Premium Travel Insurance Plan stands out for its exceptional coverage of medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and even preexisting medical conditions.

Key benefits of the Premium Travel Insurance from Generali Global Assistance include:
- $1,000,000 coverage limit for emergency medical evacuation and transportation
- $250,000 coverage limit for medical expenses (with a $500 limit for dental emergencies)
- 100% coverage of trip cost for trip cancellation
- 175% coverage of trip cost for trip interruption
- $1,000 per person for travel delays (with a $300 per person daily limit)
- $2,000 per person in coverage for baggage, with an additional $500 for baggage delays
- $2,000 per person in coverage for sporting equipment, with an additional $500 for sporting equipment delays
- $1,000 per person in coverage for missed connections
- Air flight accident AD&D coverage worth $100,000 per person and $200,000 per plan
- Travel accident AD&D coverage worth $50,000 per person and $100,000 per plan
- $25,000 in coverage for rental cars
- 24-hour travel support
- Concierge services

Coverage for preexisting medical conditions is automatically included if the travel insurance is purchased directly before or within 24 hours of making a final trip payment. Customers also have the option to add CFAR coverage to this plan, which reimburses 60% of prepaid travel expenses if a trip needs to be canceled for any reason.

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