HouseHood is Available on the US App Store Now

HouseHood is Available on the US App Store Now

HouseHood is thrilled to announce that the application is now available on the US App Store. Househood is a receipt scanner you can start to use free.

At HouseHood, our mission for developing the app is to help you collect and organize receipts that matter, waste less time trying to find them, and increase your productivity.

Today’s release of HouseHood for the US App Store is our next step in delivering on the company’s journey in focusing on introducing our app to the new users.

HouseHood simplifies receipt management for every household

Here are some of the HouseHood app features:

  • Quickly scan receipts and add assets with the help of AI
  • Never lose your receipts again
  • Manage guarantees, and insurances in one place 
  • Get notified when your asset coverage is about to end

Thanks to everyone who has helped us in this journey so far. We look forward to optimizing and expanding our app as we forge on with our mission to make life better for people. 

HouseHood Team 

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