What Is HouseHood? And Why You Should Use It


Ever wanted to know about all features of the HouseHood app altogether so you can take advantage of everything it offers? 

Or maybe you are a new user or someone who hasn't downloaded the app yet? 

Well, this post is for everyone!! 

Keep reading, and you'll know why HouseHood makes life easier and more organized. 

So, let's dive in:

What You Need to Know about HouseHood

When you own various assets and carry out different expenses daily, you need to employ the help of technology for accurate record keeping. HouseHood is here to help you do that in the most simple and organized way.

Scan and Store Receipts

Are you tired of looking at your messy wallet full of receipts, coupons, business cards, and other important information? Forget it! Scan your receipts with the app, and done! HouseHood looks to solve that problem. Scan your receipt. All receipts are digitized, transparent, and organized in one place. Also the original receipt photo will save on the HouseHood cloud storage, so you won’t need to worry about deleting the app or even losing your phone.

When you open the HouseHood app, you'll notice a blue button at the bottom. 

Click on the "Scan Receipt" button; There are 3 options for you: (1) take a picture of your receipt, (2) select a file, or (3) add the items manually. 

Add the item, make necessary changes, and hit the "save button," and voila! Your receipt is added. Neat and organized!

Watch the video to learn how to add receipts automatically on HouseHood app, and visit our YouTube channel to find more ways to add your receipts on HouseHood and a lot more.

Notify on Asset Coverage

You'll always know when you can return an item and whether or not it's still under warranty. For this, make sure to add the warranty info of your asset if it isn't already written in your receipt. 

At the top of the app, click on the "Coverage" section. There, you can see the coverage for all your assets.

Click on the "Edit" to change any info related to your asset

Click on "Move" to select between the "digital" and "home" category.


You can easily store all insurance documents and information digitally. Go to the Insurance section, click "add insurance," then select the asset to add its insurance, click continue and fill in all the information needed. Make sure to add any documents you have because it's always better to store them digitally.

Add Your Assets Pictures, Manuals, and Brochures

​​Trying to find info about an asset or product? Add photos to all your assets and easily see their pictures, manuals or brochures, etc., on the detail page. Whenever you’re scanning a receipt, just click on the select button, and, add any pictures, manuals, and brochures related to your asset. This way, you can have all the info about your asset in one place. 

Head to the link below to find out more about this awesome feature:

New Feature on HouseHood


There are two categories on the HouseHood app related to your assets, the digital one and those related to the home category. For better organization, add each asset to its related category.

  •  Digital
  •  Home

P.S. Don't forget about the search bar. It's always easier to just search for your receipt instead of going through everything you've added so far!

The Notification bell on the top right will remind you of the assets’ warranties. You can also click on the options button and delete the notifications.


On the top right of the app, you can see this icon which is the setting. Here you can see the number of receipts you can scan this month and the number of your assets.

Why is the HouseHood App a must-have?

If you’ve already downloaded the app, click on the "See plans and subscribe" button in the setting section. With HouseHood Plus, experience the management of your assets on a higher level. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, you’re just a click away. Download HouseHood and start scanning. We’ll promise you the experience of organized life in this chaotic world.

You may never lose a receipt again; just open the app and get it in there.

Download for free today.

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