7 Tips to Save Money While Shopping

7 Tips to Save Money While Shopping

Shopping is fun for most people. While buying special items for yourself feels like an absolute pleasure, it is not without its aftermath. If you put a little effort and act smart, you can save a ton of money. Besides, getting the best deal possible is much more satisfying. 

Whether you are shopping at the mall or even the grocery stores, these 7 tips will help you make smart decisions to save money while shopping:

1. Don’t go shopping on your payday weekend

Data shows that people spend the least amount of money at stores on weekdays. This amount is increased by 40% on Fridays and twice more on Saturdays. During payday weekends, the amount mentioned is even more. Our advice on your payday is to have your money distributed to different savings accounts, and after that, start spending.

2. Keep Your Receipts


Take a picture of your receipts to keep track of your expenses. There are plenty of apps out there to help you automate this. We recommend the HouseHood application to you.

3. Buy the Best You Can Afford

Low-quality items won’t last long. Especially in apparel shopping, you will be forced to buy another one. It is best to always buy a decent and high-quality item..

4. Sleep on Large Purchases

Since some of our decision-making is based on our emotions, at least wait a day or two to take emotion out of your decision and make sure it is a logical purchase. 

5. Buying Out of Season

If you want to save money on an overcoat, it would be better to buy it when it is a hundred degrees outside. So purchase the items you need when the ends of season sales start.

6. Make Planned Budgets


It surely has happened to all of us that we run into a store to buy two items and come out with ten; making shopping lists can prevent that. If you have a plan or list of items, it is more likely that you will not end up buying things you don’t really need.

7. Get on Their Social Media & Email Lists

If you shop at the same store, again and again, make sure to get on their email list and follow them on social media. It is the easiest way to get the latest information about sales and discounts.

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