A Shopping Calendar for the Best Time to Buy Anything

A Shopping Calendar for the Best Time to Buy Anything

When is the optimal time to make purchases? Discover the top 12 times throughout the year to maximize savings. Whether you're looking to enhance your home, update your electronics, or revamp your wardrobe, knowing the opportune moments to make purchases can result in significant cost savings.

While advance planning is essential, the benefits of securing the best deals are worth the effort. Retailers consistently offer discounted prices on various items at specific times each year. To help you in making informed decisions, we've compiled a comprehensive guide outlining the ideal months for purchasing appliances, furniture, homes, cars, and more.


- Clearance holiday goods: Stock up for the next Christmas with discounted holiday gift wrap, cards, and decorations.
- Bed linens: Enjoy deep discounts on sheets, towels, and blankets during "white sales."
- Humidifiers: Take advantage of January sales to purchase humidifiers at reduced prices.
- Fitness gear: January brings sales on fitness trackers, scales, and other equipment to support New Year's resolutions.


- Tax software: Find the best discounts on tax-filing software, such as Turbo Tax.
- Space heaters: As winter concludes, retailers offer significant discounts on space heaters.
- Winter clothes: Capitalize on end-of-season clearance deals and Presidents Day sales to stock up on winter essentials.
- Digital cameras: March or April is the optimal time to purchase digital cameras, with March being particularly favorable.


- Vacuum cleaners: March is the ideal month to purchase vacuum cleaners, facilitating a thorough spring clean.
- Air purifiers: Enjoy discounts on air purifiers in March to combat allergens and pollutants.
- Luggage: Ahead of the spring and summer travel season, retailers offer discounts on luggage.
- Digital cameras: March continues to be an opportune time for digital camera purchases.
- Fine jewelry: With the holiday season behind, March presents opportunities to find deals on fine jewelry.


- Carpet cleaners: April is the best time to invest in a carpet cleaner during the spring cleaning season.
- Leaf blowers: Look for deals on leaf blowers to simplify spring cleanup.
- Tires: April marks the beginning of spring break and summer road trip preparations, leading to various tire sales.


- Mattresses: Memorial Day sales in May offer the best prices for those in search of a new mattress.
- Air mattresses: Prepare for summer guests with discounted air mattresses available around Memorial Day.
- Blenders: Capitalize on Mother's Day and Memorial Day sales to find discounts on blenders.
- Spring clothing: Memorial Day sales extend to clothing, offering lower prices at department stores and retailers.


- Sunscreen: June brings discounted prices on sunscreen as summer kicks off.
- Outdoor gear: With school out for summer, retailers discount outdoor gear, including bicycles and camping equipment.
- Smartwatches: Tech gadgets, like smartwatches, are on sale for Father's Day.
- Tools: In the weeks leading up to Father's Day, expect markdowns on tools.


- Refrigerators: Fourth of July sales offer substantial discounts on major appliances, including refrigerators.
- Laptops: Amazon Prime Day in July provides an excellent opportunity to save on new laptops.
- Dehumidifiers: July brings discounts on dehumidifiers as summer humidity levels rise.
- Picnic supplies: After the Fourth of July, look for discounted picnic and party supplies.


- Computers: Back-to-school sales in August offer the best deals on laptops and computers.
- Headphones: Tech devices, including Apple's AirPods Pro, are often on sale in August.
- Office supplies: Take advantage of back-to-school sales to stock up on office supplies.
- Arts and crafts supplies: August is an ideal time to purchase arts and crafts supplies for year-round activities.
- Patio furniture: End-of-season clearance sales make August the best time to buy new patio furniture.
- Snow blowers: August is the optimal time to purchase snow blowers before winter arrives.


- Washers and dryers: Labor Day sales in September provide the best prices for new washer and dryer sets.
- Air conditioners: As summer transitions to fall, expect discounts on air conditioners.
- Grills: With summer ending, September offers deals on new grills.
- Hot tubs: As peak pool and spa season concludes, hot tubs are at their lowest prices in the fall and winter.


- Cookware: This month has the best deals on cookware, perfect for upgrading kitchens before the holiday season.
- Smoke detectors: October brings sales on smoke detectors, crucial for home safety.
- Thermostats: Columbus Day sales offer discounts on thermostats, particularly smart thermostats like the Google Nest.
- RVs: It's the optimal time to purchase RVs, with the best prices and selection available.


- TVs: Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November provide prime opportunities to score inexpensive TVs.
- Bakeware: November is the ideal month to upgrade bakeware for holiday baking.
- Coffee makers: With the holiday season approaching, November offers amazing deals on coffee makers.
- Small appliances: Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales present opportunities to purchase small appliances at significant discounts.
- Streaming devices: Upgrade your streaming devices during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
- Furniture: Between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, find bargains on furniture.


- Air fryers: December extends Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, allowing for discounted air fryer purchases.
- Multi-cookers: Snag deals on multi-cookers, perfect for versatile cooking.
- Home security cameras: Retailers offer promotions on home security cameras for holiday protection.
- Cars: December is the best time to buy a car, with discounts up to 6% and additional incentives.

In addition to specific months, consider major sales events throughout the year, such as Amazon Prime Day, Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, and seasonal savings events at retailers like Sephora. These events offer additional opportunities to save on a wide range of products, from electronics to beauty supplies.

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