Why is storing digital receipts in HouseHood efficient?

Why is storing digital receipts in HouseHood efficient?

Receipts as  little pieces of paper are necessary for many occasions. Whether you want to return something or claim a warranty for a product, receipts come in hand even for managing the tax and tax return process. But as we mentioned earlier, they are usually just a little piece of paper, they are hard to organize, they can get lost, and overall, it is hard to keep track of these receipts.

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But, what if we could just use one single application to solve this problem!

Fortunately, there is.

HouseHood is a smart application to help you put your House in order.

You may ask why HouseHood?

Following are a few reasons why you should start using HouseHood today:

Smart receipts scanner

In HouseHood, we use a smart and automated process to scan receipts. 

  • open the HouseHood app, 
  • Take a picture of receipts,
  •  HouseHood will automatically scan your receipts,
  •  primary information of the receipts (price, date, and name of the product) will be seen in the scan.

Your receipts will never be lost 

anytime that something in the house is broken, and you need the receipt, you have to go through files and drawers to find the tiny receipts, which might not be found.

But with HouseHood, all you need to do is open the application. 

An origami paper rocket made of a receipt on grass

Have access to your receipts everywhere, anytime 

Smartphones are an essential part of our life, so many people check their phones just after they wake up and before they go to sleep. 

They are an inseparable part of daily life. We should take this opportunity and use it to our advantage, so by storing your receipts on HouseHood, you can have access to them everywhere, anytime, just by a few simple clicks on your smartphone. 

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Easy to manage 

There are no restrictions on Customizing receipts categories as you want.

You can Separate your electronic devices from kitchen equipment and so on in HouseHood.


By using specific categories, you can access the receipts easily. 

If you are not a fan of categorizing, you can always search among your assets.  

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Free to go 

Using HouseHood is mainly free. You can store 10 receipts manually and scan 3 receipts monthly for free. But if you are willing to add more receipts, you can pay a small fee each month to subscribe to HouseHood. 

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